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What We Believe

Growing A Business Is Challenging

So there is no reason to make it more complicated with bad habits. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help organizations of any size gain access to the executive level sales and marketing knowledge, as we believe all businesses have the right to access senior level thinking without cost as a prohibiting factor. 


The Lightbulb Moment

I worked for a company that was great at what they did, but had never asked "Who are our customers?"

The biggest problem our team faced was that even the clients had no idea who their customers were. I watched eCommerce projects suffer, relationships fall apart, businesses struggle, and even fail.

There is no reason something so simple is so often overlooked, who are your customers?

So, I built my business to solve the problem.

Marketing Ideas For Business

Our Founder



My name is Jeremy WAYne HOWell, and I'm the mad scientist behind what we do here. As our Head of Growth, my entire focus is on both of our businesses growing, and I will not stop until I achieve that goal. 

For 20 years I have worked in the highly competitive Tech sector generating revenue through my relentless pursuit of knowledge. I'm a student of psychology and those lessons learned are factored into our strategy.

In fact, we have a we have a Doctoral Candidate in Psychology specializing in the study of Human Value Systems. on staff, because we are that serious about scientific based activity, and data driven decisions. 

This all started 30 years ago when my Dad said to me "You can be a brain surgeon or a ditch digger, it's always a people business first." I have taken this to heart, and we always focus on people oriented decision making. 

Our expertise in Sales, Marketing and Revenue Generation is extensive. The funnels we build are second to none. We're ready, if you are, to help you achieve the dreams you had in the first 3 months of starting your business. 

Return to the excitement that made you start your business , and let's build something beautiful, together. 


Ready To Grow Your Company To The Next Level?

We're here for it. Apply now and take the first step toward explosive revenue growth. 


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